Insert a Kappa project in Google Slides presentation

Want to share a supportive Kappa project in a presentation? You can do so but keep in mind that this won't be a true embed. Users will be directed to a new tab or window to view a Kappa project.

Steps to insert

Let's insert a Kappa project in Google slides presentation step-by-step :

  1. Click share & embed.
  2. Copy the preview image of the project.
  3. Paste that image on Google slides presentation.
  4. Copy the link from the Kappa dashboard.
  5. Insert a link on that image.

Now when someone clicks on your Kappa project's preview image, they will be redirected to a new tab.


You may link to your Kappa project in other ways too - 

  • link the gif
  • show full Kappa link as text

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Steps to insert