Share a Kappa project to your team

Want to share a Kappa project with your team member/s for feedback or editing? You can do this from the editor of your Kappa project.

Steps to share

  1. Click the share button on the top right.
  2. Select 1st option to invite members.
  3. You'll be directed to a new tab. Here you'll find your name with the owner tag on the side, under the section namely members.
  4. To add more members you need to enter the email id or Kappa username of that member in the input field of invite teams or people on top.
  5. By default, you'll see viewer access to the right of what you just entered in the input field.
  6. So there are 5 access roles you may grant to anybody - Editor (S/he has the access to edit anything in the project), Analyst (S/he has the exclusive access to analytics dashboard of the project), Viewer (S/he has the access to view the project inside the editor, which means they can see layers, logic, and everything that goes in the making), Preview (S/he has the access to view how the project looks and works but outside the editor).
  7. Now you're informed, you may grant any role to the member you're inviting. And hit the Send Invite button.
  8. That member will receive your invitation in the action center (on the console, to the top, and right to Experience, you'll locate Action center). S/he may accept or reject it.
  9. Similarly, you can share the project with more members.

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