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Are you looking to create stunning designs with images on KappaX? Look no further than this article,  we'll dive deep into the image element and explore its many properties.

Image Layer3

Accessing the Image Layer

First, let's add an image element to our artboard. This can be easily done by selecting the image element from the top bar and dragging it onto the canvas.

Image Layer1


Assigning Media to the Image Layer

As you might have noticed, the element is currently acting as a placeholder and doesn't have any media assigned to it. To assign media, we need to click on the select media icon on the property panel. KappaX comes with an extensive content library where you can upload and manage all your media assets. If you're not sure how to do this, follow this link.

Image Layer2

Manipulating Properties

Once you've assigned your media, you can start manipulating various properties of the image element from the property panel. Let's take a look at some of the properties you can control:

  1. Resizing the Image: You can resize the image by dragging the handles on the corners of the image element or assigning dimensions from the property panel.
  2. Adding a Corner Radius: You can give your image a rounded corner look by adjusting the corner radius.
  3. Controlling Opacity: You can control the opacity of your image layer by adjusting the opacity slider. This allows you to create more subtle effects by partially fading out your image.
  4. Adding a Border: You can add a border to the image layer by adjusting the border settings in the property panel. You can control the color, width, and style of the border.
  5. Applying Transitions: You can apply different transitions to your image layer by selecting the transitions from the property panel. This allows you to add movement and animation to your image element.

Image Layer4

With all these powerful tools at your fingertips, you can create stunning designs in no time. 

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