Embed a Kappa project on a webpage

Want to display your Kappa project on a webpage? It's simple & quick to achieve. Using the iframe tag of HTML code, you can easily embed the project like the ones shown below.



Steps to embed

Let's embed a project on a webpage step-by-step -

  1. In the editor, on the top right, click the share button. Select 2nd option namely publish.
  2. Generate a new link.
  3. Click Share & Embed.
  4. Go to the Embed tab.
  5. Click Copy code.
  6. Paste this iframe tag code in the HTML editor of the webpage. And it's done!

Embed Requirements

As long as you have edit access to the HTML code of a webpage, you can embed a Kappa project on a webpage, be it part of a website, online store builder, or CMS. 

Some specific requirements for obstacle-free running of the Kappa campaign are - 

  • Your site must be compatible with iframes.
  • Your website must have a valid SSL certificate (using HTTPS://). If we cannot detect a valid SSL certificate, we will display a "Reply" button on your embedded Kappa campaign instead of the answer prompts you have selected. This button will open the Kappa campaign in a new tab to ensure responses are submitted over a secure connection.
  • Make sure to use the embed code provided. Attempting to embed your Kappa campaign without using the embed code above could result in the recording process failing.


Note: Since all the content is hosted by us, the embedded Kappa campaign should not significantly affect the load speed of your site.

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Steps to embed

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